MCC Memories  - Manatee Community College's 50th Anniversary presented us with many opportunities to reflect on what MJC/MCC has meant to each of us. We appreciated hearing from so many alumni (and students, to our surprise). Thank you for sharing your favorite MCC memories. It’s our pleasure to share with you what you shared with us. We’ve listed below your fondest memories. And for those who haven’t yet returned an Alumni Survey, it’s not too late. Please take a moment and let us know about your MJC/MCC/SCF experience.

MCC provided a foundation for further education at an affordable cost.
Kennon Ackerman
Simpsonville, SC

It opened up my life… I made friends that I still hold dear to me today.
Heather Anik
Bergenfield, NJ

It was the stepping stone that got me to my degree and a professional career.
Richard Ashley
Bradenton, FL

MCC is really where my education began… I can honestly say my years at MCC were enjoyable as well as receiving a higher quality education. I am a huge proponent of the community college system.
Walter Ateyo
Gainesville, FL

These are people who were instrumental in giving me the drive to pursue my dream. They had faith in me and gave me the necessary courage to continue on.
Nancy Ayers
Sarasota, FL

It was a supportive team of faculty members who helped us head for the future. The greatest message given by MJC was optimism and confidence.
Patricia Bannon
New Smyrna, FL

Jump started my career.
David Bouverat
Sarasota, FL

Inspired me to always continue my education… to learn more about the things in life I enjoy.
Arlene Burns
Sarasota, FL

I met my wife in speech class.
Harris Cannon
Myakka City, FL

I found my life career while attending MJC.
Grace Carlson
Sarasota, FL

It has continued to open doors of opportunity over the years.
Judith Christianson
Bradenton, FL

Tell the story of MCC to others. The college is a great asset to the community.
Thomas Cramer

Sarasota, FL - My education gave me the self confidence and background that I needed to make my life successful.
Mary Daugherty
Bradenton, FL

MCC Helped me become independent, a better person, and a better citizen. Thanks MCC.
Shirley Franey
Bradenton, FL

It paved the way for my career.
Kevin Freisen
Lake Worth, FL

Allowed me to meet many people who became mentors in my career.
Sally Graham
Sarasota, FL

It has allowed me a very fulfilling career.
Renee Hachleutner
Bradenton, FL

I met my husband of 21 years in a biology class at MCC!
Bethany Hadlock
Sarasota, FL

The love of my life was a classmate of mine- the memory of first meeting my wife at MJC will always be with me!
Glenn Hadlock
Sarasota, FL

I have two sons enrolled at MCC/SCF. I hope they enjoy it as much as I did.
Deborah Tippie Hall
Sarasota, FL

MCC shaped my future. I have enjoyed a career that is both financially and emotionally rewarding.
Kim Harrell (Stivers)
Bradenton, FL

I met my beautiful wife- we have been married for 22 years now!
Alex Hernandez
Palm Harbor, FL

Motivated me to better myself and understand the importance of education.
James Hogan
Bradenton, FL

The interaction of the finest professors and students fostered an environment of learning and intellectual stimulation which I miss and remember fondly.
Jitesh Jani
Clearwater, FL

I was not college material right out of high school, so MJC was a great place for me to start. I now have a career that earns me an income that puts me in the top 2% of the country.
Ray Johnston
Ann Arbor, MI

It provided an easier transition when transferring to the university.
Darby Golby Kelly
Parker, CO

It changed my life in a positive way as well as positively impacting my family’s lives. I started MCC at 33 years old and graduated from USF at 40. Keep doing what has made MCC Successful- continue to provide remedial classes for students like me who have the potential but lack the skills to enter College as a traditional student.
Kathleen Kendall
Sarasota, FL

When our youngest child was 6, my wife began to think about going to MCC. She inspired me to go to SCF. Our children followed in our footsteps- so far, our family has earned 12 degrees. Education is important and on-going.
Harold Knerr
Palmetto, FL

I had great professors who had the time and interest in helping me achieve to the level at which I was capable. The quality of MCC/SCF’s programs- and the quality instruction I received- is reflected in the fact that Notre Dame accepted every MCC credit upon my transfer.
Stephanie Korcheck
San Marcos, TX

My MCC education gave me the confidence to go out and get a job after having been out of the job market for many years.
Arlene Kuehner
Venice, FL

I have taken various courses since graduating and your professors are still tops in their fields.
Peter SCFlash
Bradenton, FL

Each and every one of my instructors were knowledgeable, professional, and set high standards for their students.
Joan McDonald
Ellenton, FL

My AS degree in Nursing gave me a commission in the US Army Reserve. I am now retiring as a Major after serving in Germany in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, caring for our soldiers in the hospital there.
Barbara McGann
Port Charlotte, FL

It showed me the importance of a high quality education and how it affected higher paying jobs. MCC has assisted me in attaining the quality of life I wished for.
David Moates
Bradenton, FL

MCC was one of the best experiences of my life. It was an opportunity that I could afford, and it opened my life.
Jennie Werker Pfaff
Evanston, IL

It got me started in the career field I am still working in. It also set me up to continue my education.
Christine Phillips
Shalimar, FL

The well regarded degree allowed me to transfer to New College and USF. I believe you are doing an outstanding job meeting the diverse educational and vocational needs of the community you serve.
Joyce Pickering
Fairfax, VA

Your people were good to work with. Please keep doing what you are doing. You provide a fantastic service for our community.
John Pinkerton
Bradenton, FL

My education was excellent. This education & career choice has allowed me to have a better life financially.
Evelyn Reed
Beaverton, OR

I could never have achieved the level of professional success that I ultimately achieved without my education. I think the Sarasota/Bradenton area is extremely fortunate to have a community college of this caliber.
Robin Robin (Serbin)
Sarasota, FL

It was the best thing I ever did.
Beverly Schauss
Holmes Beach, FL

The best thing I remember about MJC was the incredible positive feedback from doing well academically. This level of trust and support was not offered at my ‘higher level’ institutions, so keep doing it!
Barbara Steinman
Memphis, TN

By attending MCC/SCF instead of a large university, I felt less lost and faceless. The instructors were all local; they were available to us beyond typical hours. With two sons in the school system, it is my hope they consider attending SCF upon graduation.
Shelley Stiver-Brannon
Venice, FL

My MCC education was a springboard that allowed me to get started in my career. I received an excellent foundation of knowledge which has benefited me greatly.
Gene Thurston
Buckhead, GA

It gave me the foundation for my life. My education has served me well and has allowed me to pursue my heart and dreams. I have used my SCF education in all areas of my life.
Amy Turon
Bradenton, FL

A liberal arts foundation has given me insight to the world we live in. When I got to university, I realized my education was much broader than those who spent 4 years at the university.
Nancy Valenti
Palmetto, FL

It was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I’m 91 years old now. I have my diploma hanging on the wall in my apartment, in a retirement building.
Elizabeth Vanloan
Bradenton, FL

My years at MCC were great. I’m very proud to say that the ground level of my 2 master’s degrees and my 2 doctorate degrees were because of SCF.
Duane Van Orden
Howe, IN

The most important thing I discovered at MCC was my potential. Attending MCC was a transforming experience for me. I am grateful for the opportunity to attend MCC.
Joel Westfahl
Sarasota, FL

I received a degree at 40 years old with a family of 4 children. My children have attended MCC and now my grandchildren are enrolled. You continue to serve my family.
Patricia Windham
Bradenton, FL

Earning a college degree was an important achievement in my life and MCC was an integral part of that.
Suzanne Wyar
Bradenton, FL

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